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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
IOT01 SURE-H: A Secure IoT Enabled Smart Home System(2019) Download Download
IOT02 Design and Implementation of a Wearable Sensor Network System for IoT-Connected Safety and Health Applications (2019) Download Download
IOT03 IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System (2019) Download Download
IOT04 Securing IoT Devices and SecurelyConnecting the Dots Using REST API and Middleware (2019) Download Download
IOT05 Long-range & Self-powered IoT Devices for Agriculture & Aquaponics Based on Multi-hop Topology (2019) Download Download
IOT06 Automatic Vehicle Counting for IoT based Smart Traffic Management System for Indian urban Settings (2019) Download Download
IOT07 IoT Based Smart Waste Management System: India prospective (2019) Download Download
IOT08 IoT Based Dipstick Type Engine Oil Level and Impurities Monitoring System: A Portable Online Spectrophotometer (2019) Download Download
IOT09 Smart Energy Efficient Home Automation System Using IoT (2019) Download Download
IOT10 Urban Underground Infrastructure Monitoring IoT: The Path Loss Analysis (2019) Download Download
IOT11 Interoperability for Disaster Relief Operations in Smart City Environments (2019) Download Download
IOT12 Distribution Transformer Condition Monitoring based on Edge Intelligence for Industrial IoT(2019) Download Download
IOT13 Polymer sensor embedded, IOT enabled t-shirt for long-term monitoring of sleep disordered breathing (2019) Download Download
IOT14 Authentication and Authorization for IoT Devices in Disadvantaged Environments (2019) Download Download
IOT15 Automation in Agriculture and IoT (2019) Download Download
IOT16 Marine IoT: non-invasive wearable multisensory platform for oceanic environment monitoring (2019) Download Download
IOT17 IOT Multitasking: Design of Smart phone application for systematic execution and scheduling in real time environment (2019) Download Download
IOT18 Identification and Visualization of Hazardous Gases Using IoT (2019) Download Download
IOT19 A Low-Cost Remote Solar Energy Monitoring System for a Buoyed IoT Ocean Observation Platform (2019) Download Download
IOT20 Powering Wireless Sensor Nodes for Industrial IoT Applications using Vibration Energy Harvesting (2019) Download Download
IOT21 Analysis of IoT Platform Security: A Survey (2019) Download Download
IOT22 Internet of Things-based Hydrocarbon Sensing for Real-time Environmental Monitoring (2019) Download Download
IOT23 Enhanced IoT-Based Online Access Control System for Vehicles in Truck-Loading Fuels Terminals (2019) Download Download
IOT24 Internet of Things in Smart Agriculture: Enabling Technologies (2019) Download Download
IOT25 IoT Device Virtualization for Efficient Resource Utilization in Smart City IoT Platform (2019) Download Download
IOT26 Securing Things in the Healthcare Internet of Things (2019) Download Download
IOT27 IoT Based Poultry House Monitoring (2019) Download Download
IOT28 An Educational IoT-based Indoor Environment Monitoring System (2019) Download Download
IOT29 Web Monitoring And Speed Control Of Solar Based Bldc Motor With Iot (2019) Download Download
IOT30 FishTalk: An IoT-Based Mini Aquarium System (2019) Download Download
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