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Code No. Project Title Abstract Video
AN01 Smartphone Based Patient Monitoring and Self-Diagnosis Alert System Download
AN02 Android Smart Alaram Download
AN03 Employee Location Tracking Alert on Meeting Selection Download
AN04 Child Care Unit App Download
AN05 college fees notification sms alert systm app Download
AN06 Exam Hall Location SMS Alert System using Android Download
AN07 Android Application for Question Bank Management System Download
AN08 Online Bus Pass Registration and Renewal Apps System Download
AN09 Alumni Interaction Management Systems Download
AN10 bus speed app alert system Download
AN11 E-Learning Download
AN12 Event Management Download
AN13 Real Time Product Monitoring & Tracking System using fingerprint authentication Download
AN14 An Application of Mobile Computing for Student Complaint Download
AN15 Online BuspPass Booking System Download
AN16 Wastage Food SMS Alert Apps System Download
AN17 Android Based Vehicle Tracking Project Download
AN18 Android Based Electronic Appliance Comparison Project Download
AN19 Android Book Store Project Download
AN20 Android Customer Relationship Management App Download
AN21 Android Group Expense Tracker Application Download
AN22 Smart Health Consulting Android System Download
AN23 Android Based Universal Ticketing Project Download
AN24 Android Civil Administration Reporting Project Download
AN25 Student Faculty Document Sharing Android Project Download
AN26 Android Local Train Ticketing Project Download
AN27 Android Patient Tracker Download
AN28 Android Customer Relationship Management System Download
AN29 Android Employee Tracker Download
AN30 Android PC Chatting & Image Sharing System Download
AN31 Android Tourist Guide Project Download
AN32 Android AI Diet Consultant Download
AN33 Mobile Quiz Through WiFi Project Download
AN34 Wireless Indoor Positioning System Download
AN35 Android Voting System Download
AN36 Bus Pass Android Project Download
AN37 Hotel Reservation Android Download
AN38 Android Bluetooth Chat Download
AN39 Android Based Parking Booking System Download
AN40 Photo Viewer Android Project Download
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