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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
EM01 The Design of hand gesture robot software based on wireless technology  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM02 Design and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Agriculture Operating in API Mode  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM03 A Community-based IoT Personalized Wireless Healthcare Solution Trial  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM04 Infrared and Visible links for medical Body Sensor Networks  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM05 A System for Detection and Tracking of Human Movements Using RSSI Signals  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM06 Wireless Controlled Smart Digital Energy Meter and theft control using GSM with GUI  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM07 Animal monitoring based on IoT technologies  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM08 Smart-Home Automation using IoT-based Sensing and Monitoring Platform  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM09 IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM10 Indoor Localization Using Visible Light Communication And Image Processing  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM11 Data Analysis and Information Security of an Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligent Transit System  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM12 EH-HL: Effective Communication Model by Integrated EH-WSN and Hybrid LiFi/WiFi for IoT  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM13 Design of a wireless sensor network based IoT platform for wide area and heterogeneous applications  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM14 WSN Architecture for Smart Irrigation System  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM15 Door Automation System based on Speech Command and PIN using Android Smartphone  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM16 An OFDM Testbed for LiFi Performance Characterization of Photovoltaic Modules  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM17 indoor Anti-Collision Alarm System Based on Wearable Internet of Things for Smart Healthcare  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM18 IoT based Smart Home Automation System using Sensor Node  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM19 IoT in the Fog: A Roadmap for Data-Centric IoT Development  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM20 An IoT-Enabled Stroke Rehabilitation System Based on Smart Wearable Armband and Machine Learning  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM21 BLE Beacons for Internet of Things Applications: Survey, Challenges and Opportunities  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM22 Continuous Patient Monitoring with a Patient Centric Agent: A Block Architectur  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM23 Internet of Things Enhanced User Experience for Smart Water and Energy Management  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
EM24 Automatic Gate using Bluetooth technology  (IEEE 2018) Download Download
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