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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
ML66 Static and Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition in Depth Data Using Dynamic Time (IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML67 Sub Markov Random Walk for Image Segmentation(IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML68 Real Time Vehicle Detection with Foreground based cascade Classifier(IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML69 Visual Object Tracking Performance Measures Revisited. (IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML70 Daytime Preceding Vehicle Brake Light Detection Using Monocula Vision (IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML71 Red Eye: Preventing Collisions Caused by Red-Light Running Scooters with Smart phones(IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML72 Parallel algorithm implementation for multi-object tracking and surveillance (IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML73 An Efficient Parallel Approach for Sclera Vein Recognition (IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML74 Computer Vision Based Fire Alarming System. (IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML75 Automatic Crack Detection and Measurement Based on Image Analysis(IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML76 Robotic Disease Detection in Greenhouses: Combined Detection of Powdery Mildew and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus(IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML77 Text-Attentional Convolutional Neural Network for Scene Text Detection (IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML78 A Cloud- based Reading Aid for the Visually Impaired(IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML79 Indian/Myanmar Paper Currency Recognition Using GLCM and k-NN (IEEE 2016) Download Download
ML80 A Feature-Enriched Completely Blind Image Quality Evaluator (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML81 A No-Reference Texture Regularity Metric Based on Visual Saliency (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML82 A Probabilistic Approach for Color Correction in Image Mosaicking Applications (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML83 Boundary Detection Using Double-Opponency and Spatial Sparseness Constraint (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML84 Combining Left and Right Palmprint Images for More Accurate Personal Identification (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML85 Face Recognition across Non-Uniform Motion Blur, Illumination, and Pose (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML86 Face Sketch Synthesis via Sparse Representation-Based Greedy Search (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML87 Fractal Analysis for Reduced Reference Image Quality Assessment (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML88 Image Denoising by Exploring External and Internal Correlations (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML89 Image Super-Resolution Based on Structure-Modulated Sparse Representation (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML90 Pareto-Depth for Multiple-Query Image Retrieval (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML91 Revealing the Trace of High-Quality JPEG Compression through Quantization Noise Analysis (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML92 Reversible Image Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML93 Robust Representation and Recognition of Facial Emotions Using Extreme Sparse Learning (IEEE 2015)< Download Download
ML94 Steganography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML95 Variable-Length Signature for Near-Duplicate Image Matching (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML96 Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Features Extracted From Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML97 Combining Left and Right Palmprint Images for More Accurate Personal Identification (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML98 Adaptive Anisotropic Diffusion Method for Polarimetric SAR Speckle Filtering (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML99 Enhanced Ridge Structure for Improving Fingerprint Image Quality Based on a Wavelet Domain (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML100 An Innovative Lossless Compression Method for Discrete-Color Images (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML101 Learning Fingerprint Reconstruction: From Minutiae to Image (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML102 Weighted Guided Image Filtering (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML103 A Methodology for Visually Lossless JPEG2000 Compression of Monochrome Stereo Images (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML104 Sparse Dissimilarity-Constrained Coding for Glaucoma Screening (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML105 Median Filtered Image Quality Enhancement and Anti-Forensics via Variational Deconvolution (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML106 Deep Representations for Iris, Face, and Fingerprint Spoofing Detection (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML107 Detection and Rectification of Distorted Fingerprints (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML108 Variable-Length Signature for Near-Duplicate Image Matching (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML109 Iterative Vessel Segmentation of Fundus Images (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML110 Utilizing Image Scales Towards Totally Training Free Blind Image Quality Assessment (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML111 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image with DistributedSource Encoding (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML112 Improving Pixel-Based Change Detection Accuracy Using an Object-Based Approach in Multitemporal SAR Flood Images (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML113 Image Enhancement and Feature Extraction Based on Low-Resolution Satellite Data(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML114 Haze Removal for a Single Remote Sensing Image Based on Deformed Haze Imaging Model(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML115 Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images with Public Key Cryptography(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML116 A Fast Single Image Haze Removal Algorithm Using Color Attenuation Prior (IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML117 A Scalable Tile Based Framework for Region Merging Segmentation(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML118 An Improved Fog Removing Method for the Traffic Monitoring Image(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML119 Automatic Color Inspection for Colored Wires in Electric Cables(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML120 Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Detection using Gabor Filter with Local Entropy Thresholding(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML121 Detection of Lung Cancer using Marker Controlled Watershed Transform(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML122 Embedding of Iris Data to Hand Vein Images using Watermarking Technology to Improve Template Protection in Biometric Recognition(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML123 Facial Expression Detection Techniquesbased on Viola and Jones Algorithm and Principal Component Analysis(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML124 Feature Extraction using Image Mining Techniques to Identify Brain Tumors(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML124 GUI based Performance Comparison of Noise Reduction Techniques based on Wavelet Transform(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML125 Image Processing for Identification of Sea Ice Floes and the Floes Size Detection(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML126 Recognizing Planes in a Single Image(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML128 Retinal Area Detector from Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (SLO) Images for Diagnosing Retinal Diseases(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML129 Similarity Validation based Nonlocal Means Image De Noising(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML130 Study and Analysis of Robust DWT SVD Domain based Digital Image Watermarking Technique using Matlab(IEEE 2015) Download Download
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