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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
ML131 Topological Modeling and Classification of Mammographic MicroCalcification Clusters(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML132 Traffic Sign Classification using Hough Transform and SVM(IEEE 2015) Download Download
ML133 Robust Semi-Automatic Depth Map Generationin Unconstrained Images and Video Sequences for 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML134 A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML135 A Unified Data Embedding and Scrambling Method (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML136 An Efficient Parallel Approach for Sclera Vein Recognition (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML137 BRINT: Binary Rotation Invariant and Noise Tolerant Texture Classification (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML138 Characterness: An Indicator of Text in the Wild (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML139 Designing an Efficient Image Encryption-Then-Compression System via Prediction Error Clustering and Random Permutation(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML140 Digital Image Sharing by Diverse Image Media (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML141 Dual-Geometric Neighbor Embedding for Image Super Resolution With Sparse Tensor (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML142 Exposing Digital Image Forgeries by Illumination Color Classification (IEEE 2013) Download Download
ML143 Fingerprint Compression Based on Sparse Representation (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML144 Hyperspectral Image Classification Through Bilayer Graph-Based Learning (IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML145 Images as Occlusions of Textures: A Framework for Segmentation(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML146 Low-Rank Neighbor Embedding for Single Image Super-Resolution(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML146 Mining Weakly Labeled Web Facial Images for Search-Based Face Annotation(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML147 Phase-Based Binarization of Ancient Document Images: Model and Applications(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML148 Progressive Image Denoising Through Hybrid Graph Laplacian Regularization: A Unified Framework(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML149 Scene Text Recognition in Mobile Applications by Character Descriptor and Structure Configuration(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML150 Segmentation of High Angular Resolution Diffusion MRI Using Sparse Riemannian Manifold Clustering(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML151 Saliency-Based Selection of Gradient Vector Flow Paths for Content Aware Image Resizing(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML152 Dynamic Chinese Restaurant Game: Theory and Application to Cognitive Radio Networks(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML153 Scalable Dynamic Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML154 A Spectrum-aware Clustering for Efficient Multimedia Routing in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML155 A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Dynamic Optical Circuit Provisioning on IP Routing(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML156 A Unified Graphical Models Framework for Automated Mitosis Detection in Human Embryos(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML157 Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML158 Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams by Codeword Substitution(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML159 Edge Detection Method for Image Processing based on Generalized Type-2 Fuzzy Logic(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML160 End-to-End Virtual MIMO Transmission in Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Networks(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML161 Energy-Efficient RSSI-Based Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML162 Joint Approximately Sparse Channel Estimation and Data Detection in OFDM Systems Using Sparse Bayesian Learning(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML163 Multi-User and Single-User Throughputs for Downlink MIMO Channels with Outdated Channel State Information(IEEE 2014) Download Download
ML164 Analysis of Rice Granules using Image Processing and Neural Network Pattern Recognition Tool(IEEE 2013) Download Download
ML165 Analysis of Transformer Oil by using Image Processing(IEEE 2013) Download Download
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