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Code No. Project Title Abstract Video
PY01 Seo Analysis Using Python Webscraping Download
PY02 A Generic Data Analytics System For Manufacturing Productions Download
PY03 Linear aggreecation using python Download
PY04 Leaf Disease Detection Download
PY05 A Fast Content-Based Spam Filtering Algorithm With Fuzzy-Svm And K-Means Download
PY06 Exploring Colorectal Cancer Genes Through Data Mining Techniques Download
PY07 Data Mining Technique With Cluster Analysis Use K-Means Algorithm For Lq45 Index On Indonesia Stock Exchange Download
PY08 Using Data Mining Approaches To Build Credit Scoring Model Download
PY09 A Financial Statement Fraud Detection Model Based On Hybrid Data Mining Methods Download
PY10 Ship Traffic Flow Prediction Based On Ais Data Mining Download
PY11 Algorithm Optimization Of Anomaly Detection Based On Data Mining Download
PY12 A Framework For Sentiment Analysis With Opinion Mining Of Hotel Reviews Download
PY13 Big Data Platform For Air Quality Analysis And Prediction Download
PY14 A Data Mining Based Model For Detection Of Fraudulent Behaviour In Water Consumption Download
PY15 Extracting disaster characteristics using text mining Download
PY16 Classification Algorithm For Edible Mushroom Identification Download
PY17 Data Analytics Approach For Train Timetable Performance Measures Using Automatic Train Supervision Data Download
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