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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
EM198 Robust Trajectory Tracking Error-Based Model Predictive Control for Unmanned Ground Vehicles  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM199 Learning Physical Collaborative Robot Behaviors from Human Demonstrations.  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM200 Power comparison of MPPT techniques for solar system  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM201 A Flexible Piezoelectric-Pyroelectric Hybrid Nanogenerator Based on P(VDF-TrFE) Nanowire Array  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM202 An Active Safety System for Low-Speed Bus Braking Assistance  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM203 Portable roadside sensors for vehicle counting classificaton and speed measurement  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM204 Secure and privacy-preserving smartphone-based traffic information systems  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM205 Sensing devices and sensor signal processing for remote monitoring of vital signs in CHF patients  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM206 Sensor fusion-based vacant parking slot detection and tracking  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM207 Smart host microcontroller for optimal battery charging in a solar powered robotic vehicle  (IEEE 2016) Download Download
EM208 Automatic Control System for Thermal Comfort Based on Predicted Mean Vote and Energy Saving  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM209 Design and Implementation of Smart Home Control Systems Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and Power Line Communication  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM210 Low-Dimensional Learning for Complex Robots  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM211 Time Synchronization in Arduino-based Wireless Sensor Networks  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM212 Topological Indoor Localization and Navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robot.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM213 Two-Dimensional Sensor System for Automotive Crash Prediction  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM214 Wireless Sensor Networks for Condition Monitoring in the Railway Industry A Survey  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM215 Wireless Wearable T-Shirt for Posture Monitoring During Rehabilitation Exercise  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM216 A Configurable and Low-Power Mixed Signal SoC for Portable ECG Monitoring Applications  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM217 A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM218 A Secure Biometrics-Based Multi-Server Authentication Protocol Using Smart Cards  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM219 A Sensor-Based Dual-Arm Tele-Robotic System  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM220 Accessible Display Design to Control Home Area Networks  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM221 An Integrated System for Regional Environmental Monitoring and Management Based on Internet of Things.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM222 Deep Representations for Iris, Face, and Fingerprint Spoofing Detection.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM223 Driver Gaze Tracking and Eyes Off the Road Detection System.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM224 Embedded Human Control of Robots Using Myoelectric Interfaces.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM225 Energy Efficient Ethernet for Real-Time Industrial Networks.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM226 Hardware Demonstration of a Home Energy Management System for Demand Response Applications  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM227 Home Appliance Load Modeling From Aggregated Smart Meter Data.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM228 How long to wait predicting bus arrival time with mobile phone based participatory sensing  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM229 Last-meter smart grid embedded in an internet-of-things platform.  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM230 Location-aware and safer cards enhancing RFID security and privacy via location sensing  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM231 Minimizing movement for target coverage and network connectivity in mobile sensor networks  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
EM232 Multi-core embedded wireless sensor networks architecture and applications  (IEEE 2015) Download Download
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