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Code No. Project Title Base Paper Abstract Video
PE01 A Hybrid Electrical Magnetic Power Quality Compensation System with Minimum Active Compensation Capacity for V/V Co-phase Railway Power Supply System(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE02 A Hybrid-STATCOM with Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE03 A Novel Multi-Input Converter Using Soft-Switched Single-Switch Input Modules with Integrated Power Factor Correction Capability for Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE04 A Novel Ten-Switch Topology for Unified Power Quality Conditioner(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE05 Analysis of DC-Link Operation Voltage of a Hybrid Railway Power Quality Conditioner and Its PQ Compensation Capability in High-Speed Cophase Traction Power Supply(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE06 Combined LMS-LMF Based Control Algorithm of DSTATCOM for Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution System(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE07 High-Frequency Power Transformers With Foil Windings: Maximum Interleaving And Optimal Design(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE08 Control of Single-Phase Power Converters Connected to Low Voltage Distorted Power Systems with Variable Compensation Objectives (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE09 Control of Single-Phase Power Converters Connected to Low Voltage Distorted Power Systems with Variable Compensation Objectives (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE10 Control strategy for Single-phase Transformerless Three-leg Unified Power Quality Conditioner Based on Space Vector Modulation (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE11 Design and Evaluation of Isolated Gate Driver Power Supply for Medium Voltage Converter Applications (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE12 Design of Power Converter for Model of Photovoltaic Power Plant(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE13 An Improved Phase-Shifted Carrier Modulation for Modular Multilevel Converter to Suppress the Influence of Fluctuation of Capacitor Voltage (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE14 Control of a Small Wind Turbine in the High Wind Speed Region(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE15 Modeling and Control of a Resonant Dual Active Bridge With a Tuned CLLC Network (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE16 Efficient Transformerless MOSFET Inverter for a Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE17 Stabilization of Cascaded DC/DC Converters via Adaptive Series-Virtual- Impedance Control of the Load Converter (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE18 Two Efficient Lattice Rescoring Methods Using Recurrent Neural Network Language Models(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE19 A Regression Approach to Single-Channel Speech Separation Via High- Resolution Deep Neural Networks(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE20 DC-Link Stability Analysis and Controller Design for the Stacked Poly phase Bridges Converter(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE21 A Single-Phase Buck-Boost Matrix Converter with Only Six Switches and Without Commutation Problem(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE22 High Efficiency Bi-directional Converter for Flywheel Energy Storage Application(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE23 A Novel DBC Layout for Current Imbalance Mitigation in SiC MOSFET Multichip Power Modules (IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE24 Accurate Capacitive Current Balancing in Multi string LED Lighting Systems Based on Switched-Capacitor-Controlled LCC Resonant Network(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE25 Improving Loading and Unloading Transient Response of a Voltage Regulator Module Using a Load-Side Auxiliary Gyrator Circuit(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE26 Least Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic Differential Power Processing Systems(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE27 Electrified Automotive Power train Architecture Using Composite DC-DC Converters(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE28 Model Predictive Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Grid-tied Photovoltaic Applications Using a Z-Source Inverter(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE29 A Low-Power High-Stability Flexible Scan Driver Integrated by IZO TFTs(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE30 Optimal Relay Probing in Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems with Device-to-Device Relaying(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE31 Artificial Noise Aided Secrecy Information and Power Transfer in OFDMA Systems(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE32 A DC-voltage Controlled Variable Capacitor for Stabilizing the ZVS Frequenc y of a Resonant Converter for Wireless Power Transfer(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE33 A Fast Charging Switching-Based Charger with Adaptive Hybrid Duty Cycle Control for Multiple Batteries(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE34 Efficient Single Phase Transformer less Inverter for Grid-Tied PVG System With Reactive Power Control(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE35 Voltage Vector Error Fault Diagnosis for Open-Circuit Faults of Three-phase Four- Wire Active Power Filters(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE36 Fault-Tolerant Control of Dual Three-Phase Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine Drives under Open Phase Faults(IEEE 2016) Download Download
PE37 V1 Concept: Designing A Voltage-Mode Control As Current Mode With Near Time-Optimal Response For Buck-Type Converters(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE38 A New Railway Power Flow Control System Coupled With Asymmetric Double Lc Branches(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE39 Advances In High-Precision Amplifiers—The Extra L Opposed Current Converter(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE40 Systematic Derivation Of A Family Of Output-Impedance Shaping Methods For Power Converters—A Case Study Using Fuel Cell- Battery-Powered Single-Phase Inverter System(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE41 Comparison Of Tolerance Controls For Open-Switch Fault In A Grid-Connected T-Type Rectifier(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE42 Control And Disturbances Compensation For Doubly Fed Induction Generators Using The Derivative-Free Nonlinear Kalman Filter(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE43 Loss-Free Resistor-Based Power Factor Correction Using A Semi-Bridgeless Boost Rectifier In Sliding-Mode Control(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE44 Small-Signal Modeling Of Uniformly Sampled Phase-Shift Modulators(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE45 Modelling, Design, And Fabrication Of High-Inductance Bond Wire Micro Transformers With Toroidal Ferrite Core(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE46 Accurate Evaluation Of Leakage Inductance In High-Frequency Transformers Using An Improved Frequency-Dependent Expression(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE47 Observer-Based Control Of LLC DC/DC Resonant Converter Using Extended Describing Functions(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE48 Secondary-Side Phase-Shift-Controlled Dual-Transformer-Based Asymmetrical Dual-Bridge Converter With Wide Voltage Gain(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE49 Direct Power Control Of A Pulse Width Modulation Rectifier Using Space Vector Modulation Under Unbalanced Grid Voltages(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE50 Technical Assessment Of Load Commutation Switch In Hybrid HVDC Breaker(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE51 A Novel Control Scheme Of DCM Boost PFC Converter(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE52 High Efficiency On Si-Integrated Micro transformers For Isolated Power Conversion Applications(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE53 Weighted Efficiency Optimization Of Fly back Micro inverter Under Improved Boundary Conduction Mode (I-BCM)(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE154 Auxiliary Circuits For Power Flow Control In Multi frequency Wireless Power Transfer Systems With Multiple Receivers(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE55 Low-Cost Drive Circuit For AC-Direct LED Lamps(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE56 Practical Application Of The Wave-Trap Concept In Battery–Cell Equalizers(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE57 An Investigation Into The Use Of Orthogonal Winding In Loosely Coupled Link For Improving Power Transfer Efficiency Under Coil Misalignment(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE58 Analysis And Design Of Charge Pump-Assisted High Step-Up Tapped Inductor SEPIC Converter With An ?Inductor less? Regenerative Snubber(IEEE 2015) Download Download
PE59 Survey on Fault-Tolerant Techniques for Power Electronic Converters    ( EEE IEEE 2014) Download Download
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