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Code No. Project Title Abstract Video
PH037 Online pet items shopping Pay
PH038 Rto license Renewal Management system Pay
PH039 Student Parents Mark sms alert system Pay
PH040 e-defect tracking system Pay
PH041 Agricultural Subsidy for Implements and Fraudulent Detection Pay
PH042 cargo management Pay
PH043 electronic goods billing system Pay
PH44 Effective Model for Store and retrieve big health Pay
PH45 Event Hall Booking System Pay
PH46 exam hall allocation system Pay
PH47 Exam Hall Invigilation Pay
PH48 Furniture Management Pay
PH49 gym managment system Pay
PH50 Hostelvacation alert system Pay
PH51 import and export maitance system Pay
PH52 intra mailing system Pay
PH53 online auto spares sales management Pay
PH54 online catering managment Pay
PH55 online civil registery managment Pay
PH56 online gas booking system Pay
PH57 Student Marks Xl import management system Pay
PH58 Students Activity monitoring system Pay
PH59 tiles managment Pay
PH60 tyre industry billing system Pay
PH61 women's hostel managment Pay
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